Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Fastwrench.  My name is Dave Prescott and I’m the inventor and manufacturer of the Fastwrench. I’m a 20+ year career firefighter and a Captain and Training Instructor in my Fire Department in South Florida. 

I’d always considered myself a student of the fire service.  Certainly not to the extent of some, but I was comfortable with my resume.  But as the saying goes... you don’t know what you don’t know, right?  And up until 2019, I didn’t know a thing about standpipe valves and PRVs beyond the conventional valves in our training tower and smaller apartment buildings. I simply wasn’t exposed to them. My department isn't a “high-rise” department.  We only have a few pockets of "mid-rise" apartments and our bread-and-butter stuff is single-family, single-story structures. I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

In 2019 my department made a long-overdue change in our standpipe operations equipment and tactics. Part of the “train the trainer” program for our instructor cadre was a deep dive into standpipe valves: Conventional valves, Pressure Restricting Devices, Pressure Reducing Valves, and Field Adjustable PRVs.  We learned identification, operation, and the tools we needed to carry to adjust Field Adjustable PRVs: A plumber’s pipe wrench, a mechanic’s socket wrench, an allen key, and an adjusting rod.  Add to that an array of spanners, spare valve wheels, door chocks, it was getting ridiculous.  And how much did all of that weigh?  Over 8 pounds, that’s how much.  I couldn’t believe that in the American Fire Service, where we have specialty tools for Forcible Entry, Ventilation, Extrication, Rope Operations, you name it, we didn’t have a specialty tool for Standpipe Operations. 

So I set out to make one.

I combined the tools necessary to adjust ANY and EVERY make and model field adjustable PRV. I added a few features like the gas shut off, hydrant nut opening, and valve stem slots to a stand-alone hand tool that weighs less than half the weight of the tools it replaces, only 3.5 pounds. It is the Fastwrench, the Field Adjusting Standpipe Tool.

It is the only Standpipe Operations multi-tool in the fire service.  Beyond adjusting field adjustable PRVs, the Fastwrench will aide you in removing stubborn valve caps, applying leverage to stuck or vandalized operating wheels, making hose connections, chocking doors, and more.  It is purpose-built for firefighters doing the tough business of standpipe firefighting. 

Thank you for reading this far, and thank you for choosing Fastwrench.

Be safe, be FAST!